The ability to see and perceive things clearly is essential for making sound decisions. Our solution ensures that a clear perception is always possible regardless of the surrounding conditions.


The value proposition of BlueFusion’s robust sensing and perception solutions for the robotics industry lies in its capacity to elevate the efficiency, adaptability, and safety of robotic systems. Our cost-effective integrated multi-modal and multi-spectral sensors enable robots to gather and interpret data from their environment with heightened accuracy and resilience. This, in turn, facilitates precise navigation, object recognition, and interaction in dynamic and complex surroundings. Our enhanced sensing capabilities contribute to increased productivity and improved task execution in industrial and collaborative robotic applications. Moreover, our robust sensor suite is paramount for ensuring the safety of both the robotic system and its human collaborators, as they enable real-time awareness and responsiveness to changes in the environment.

Construction & Mining

Our highly optimized sensing solutions are vital to improve the operational efficiency, ensure the worker safety, and maximize the resource utilization for construction and mining industries. Our sensing solutions in construction industries enable real-time data acquisition and environmental monitoring to facilitate accurate site mapping, progress tracking, and automated machinery control, leading to streamlined workflows and timely project completion. For mining industries, our solution enhances the safety of operations by providing early detection of potential hazards such as rockfalls or equipment malfunctions. Additionally, our precise sensing technology contributes to improved resource extraction and management, minimizing waste and optimizing ore quality assessment.


Road safety is a fundamental requirement and it can't be just for a few privileged ones. The pedestrian collision avoidance system should be universal in all vehicles, and such basic requirement shouldn't add heavy cost and complexity. Pedestrian detection & classification requires enhanced perception capability in all situations. BlueFusion's solution makes this happen while reducing cost and complexity.

Enterprise Security

There is constant threat of attacks on critical infrastructure. The probability of stealing sensitive information from Govt. buildings and enterprises is on the rise due to proliferation of drones and robotic unmanned vehicles. Securing these physical infrastructure is of paramount importance. Our solution adds an ultra reliable and precise perception system to mitigate these threats.


Efficient and safe train operation is very important for the world's economy to function properly. Train and cargo safety improvement and downtime reduction are the sought after goals of any railroad operator today. BlueFusion's technology adds an extra layer of safety on top of the other safety mechanisms that are being planned to make our railroads safer. It gives the driver the necessary visibility in adverse weather conditions.


Our high-performance multi-modal and multi-spectral sensors play a crucial role in the defense industry by providing a comprehensive and versatile solution for gathering critical information across various domains. Our sensing solution integrates multiple sensing modalities such as optical, infrared, radar, and acoustic, thus allowing for a holistic and real-time understanding of the operational environment. Our sensor fusion solution enhances situational awareness, enabling defense forces to detect, track, and identify threats with greater accuracy and efficiency. The diverse spectral capabilities of our sensors also facilitate operations in challenging conditions such as low visibility or obscured environments. Furthermore, our RAW data-centric sensors are ideal to leverage the sensor open systems architecture (SOSA) to enable sophisticated data analytics and AI/ML algorithms, empower defense systems to make informed decisions, optimize the resource allocation, and enhance overall operational effectiveness.

Unique Solution

Build | Sustain | Evolve

Multi-Modal Sensing

Significantly improved perception clarity & object detection with multi-modal and multi-spectral sensing.

All-Weather Visibility

Robust performance in all-weather & low-light to no-light conditions in any ODD. Unaltered raw data streaming.

AI Software Agility

Algorithmic agility for continuous improvement to detect & classify objects. De-coupled Software and Hardware.

Enables Computer Vision to thrive without restriction, taking full advantage of the speed of AI and hardware innovations.

AI on Full Throttle